Visiting the Cat Show!

Do we have a CATSHOW for you!!

Over 400 gorgeous felines entered! 

Saturday Sept. 3 and Sunday Sept. 4
9 AM – 5 PM

At the Chicago Hilton (map)

Jason Beghe, star of TV series “Chicago P.D.” invites you to our Sept 3-4, TICA cat show!

Beautiful Bengal Cat in the judging ring


General Admission $17 / Children 2-12 $10
Seniors 60+ $15 / Family of 4 (2 Adults, 2 Children) $50



Sell tickets online with Ticketleap


Parking is available in the garage of the Hilton (enter off of Wabash) or valet parking off of Balbo Ave. Additional garages are on the west and south sides of the Hilton. Spot Hero app will also help find parking spots in local garages.


Come visit the 41st Annual Cat Show of The International Cat Association and the largest TICA cat show of the year! This year being held in Chicago, IL, Sept 3 – Sept 4, 2022!


We have over 400 cats attending our show for you to enjoy!

There will be cats of all breeds, both pedigree and non-pedigreed (household pets) at this event attending from all over the world including many rare breeds that you may not have seen before, such as the Lykoi – the Werewolf Cat!

And of course longtime favorites like Bengals, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Sphynx, Persians, Siamese, Abyssinians, British Shorthairs, Siberians, Selkirk Rex (the curly cat!) and many many others!

Never touched a Sphynx before? There should be a number of Sphynx cats attending for you to admire and learn about. If you prefer your cats fully clothed,  fear not! Some of the most stunning long haired cats of many breeds will be attending in style. Unusual distinguished beauties with curly coats, sleek elegant sophisticated Siamese, Oriental Shorthair or Peterbalds will gladly bask in your admiration.


There is something for everyone, including fans of our wonderful domestic shorthair and longhair “household pets” cats and kittens. We celebrate all beauty in TICA, not just pedigreed cats.

There will be a fantastic array of vendors of toys, cat furniture, artwork, jewelry and much more for you to browse, and perhaps find a fun little surprise to bring back for your cats waiting for you at home.


This is a 14 ring show, each ring is a show unto itself with top ten Awards being handed out for each one of our classes; Championship Adults, Kittens, Alters, Household Pet adults and Kittens. See if your favorites take home the “crown”! Every ring is sure to have stunning cats that take your breath away, or comical kittens to put a smile on your face.

Cat breeds you may see at the show!

Maine Coon