Friday, Sept 2, Congresses:

Congresses for the following kittens, cats and alters:

  • Bengals/Bengal Longhair “On Safari”

  • Forest Cats: MC/MCP, NF and SB

  • Ragdolls

(Friday Congresses are open for Exhibitors only, not open to the public)

** Exhibitors entering Friday must have at least one entry in the Saturday/Sunday show. You can then enter as many entries in the Friday congresses.





Congress Judges – Adriana Kajon, Kim Chenault, Steven Corneille

After the three congress rings on Friday (Sept 2) afternoon, grab a drink in the bar on the main level and join us in the Joliet Room of the Hilton to celebrate our beautiful Bengals with awards ceremony, reception of hors d’oeuvres and a seminar by Dr. Chris Kaelin.

5:30 – 6 PM hors d’oeuvres
6 – 8 PM Speaker and Awards

ON SAFARI COORDINATOR: Anthony Hutcherson,

Sign-Up:  “On Safari” evening event

New Tabby Genes, Color & Agouti Signals: Insight from Bengal Population Dynamics by Chris Kaelin, PhD

Chris Kaelin, PhD allowed his appreciation for nature and unending curiosity to lead him from an animal science major at UC Davis to the global forefront of understanding mammalian pattern and color genetics through his investigations and discoveries at Stanford University’s Barsh Genetic’s Lab and the HudsonAlpha Institute.

Dr. Kaelin’s research led the way in the greater understanding of the genetic mechanisms for brindle coloration in dogs, the difference between spotted & king cheetahs, the genetics of sex linked color traits in cats and hamsters. Dr. Kaelin’s collaboration with the feline enthusiast community continues to be a catalyst for new genetic insights.

Chris has co-authored numerous published studies on pigment in the animal kingdom in Nature, Science, Journal of Neuroscience, Annual Review of the Animal Bioscience and others. Dr. Kaelin remains excited about the science and his enthusiasm has engaged cat lovers across the spectrum of disciplines, including at TICA cat shows.




Congress Judges – Edith-Mary Smith, Lynne Sherer

FOREST CAT SPONSORS: We are going to have beautiful rosettes & best of the best awards for the two congress rings on Friday (Kitten, Cat & Alter). These congresses will run regardless of count and include Maine Coons, Maine Coon Polydactyls, Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians. If you were at the Maine CoonVention a few years ago you’ve seen the work of Connie Hazel (or the TNCC shows in Portland). They are beautiful!! We’re still finalizing details for the best of the best awards and will share that when we have it.

$25 sponsorship (favorite Forest Cat, Cattery or Anything else)!  Each sponsor is listed in the catalog and on signs in the two rings. Sponsors will be on a label on the back of a portion of the rosettes.

*Sponsors need not be entered*

Sponsor $25




Congress Judges – Debbie Lopeman, Chris Unangst