CEU Seminars

coffee and notebookCEU Seminars: 2022 TICA Annual

We will be hosting three in-person educational seminars on Friday morning, September 2, in the Joliet Room of the Chicago Hilton.

  • Amy Stadter will present on Ragdolls
  • Nikki Crandall-Siebert will present on bobtail and tailless breeds and Article 16 if time allows.
  • Robyn Patterson will present on Bengals.

The event will start at 8:30am. Each seminar is 60 minutes long plus up to 20 minutes extra for Q&A. We will wrap by 12:30pm so attendees have time to get ready for Friday check-in and the Congresses.

Registration Closes Aug 29, 2022

Link: CEU Seminars information and registration